Sunday, December 11, 2011

Wishlists ~ An Ear For Music...

'This should be a month full of wishlists, because Christmas in on the way. I always wish some music or readable things like books for Christmas, so this Wishlist is for the CD's I want. It's something like an tradition to buy old skool CD's... Without bragging I have around 500...' 
Video from my cd and book storage, cd's are in the right cabinet. Footage taken in 2008/ 2009 (Laptop you see is allready dead and replaced by my computer)

'If you watched my Youtube video's sometimes, you probably noticed that I like a lot of different music genres. Favorite genres are still metal, gothic, rock and alternative, but I do like pop sometimes too.'
Me I like Aerosmith too! ^_^  (pic is from my old weblog)

'First CD I really want is The Classical Conspiracy from Epica. Epica is Simone Simons, Mark Jansen, Isaac Delahaye, Coen Jansen, Yves Huts, and Arien van Weesenbeek. Like you maybe know my username on Youtube is epicafan911. I am a huge fan from Epica. The Classical Conspiracy and their newest album wich should be released in 2012 titled Requiem For The Indifferent are the only two I miss so far. Only Reqiem For The Indifferent don't have a 'face' yet, Epica only told us the new title.'

'Mark Jansen from Epica started his own project, and it came out as Mayan. Mayan is an mixture from different bands like Epica, After Forever, Re- Vamp, etc, but head members are Mark Jansen, Arien van Weesenbeek, Frank Schiphorst, Isaac Delahaye, Jack Driessen and Rob van der Loo. Sometimes they have guest singers like Simone Simons (Epica), and Floor Jansen (After Forever, Re- Vamp). First album from Mayan came out May 2011 and is titled Quarterpast, wich is defenately on my CD Wishlist.'

'Another band wich I like a lot is The Birthday Massacre. Members are Chibi, Rainbow, Michael Falkore, Nate Manor, O-En, and Rhim. And they like purple, just like me. ^_^ Very first album I ever bought from them was Violet. I heard allready some new songs from Pins and Needles, and I like these songs so much that I decide to put Pins and Needles on my CD Wishlist. But I don't have the other albums yet: Imaginary Monsters, Show and Tell, Looking Glass, Walking With Strangers, and Nothing With Nowhere. Last one is also released as Violet, wich I have.'

'So far my CD Wishlist.'

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