Sunday, December 25, 2011

Random Message ~ Ho, ho, ho... 2011

'Merry Christmas! I hope you have a wonderfull christmas days... My feonce should be home from the hospital with the 1st Christmas Dinner. The 2nd Christmas Dinner should be in the hospital, I should eat there too. And upcoming tuesday the 27th my feonce is coming home... As you might know, my feonce ended up a week ago in the hospital. After a few tests it seems he have Diabetes Type One. For the actual post, click here.'

'I hope you have also an safe New Years Eve... I thought to skip the Holidays this year, but it seems it should be good. I'm happy my love is coming home.' ^_^ 

My love as Reindeer/ Part of the Christmas Tree/ Idiot, picture taken between 1- 15 december 2011 before he ended up in the hospital... he look way better now, I promise ^_^ 

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