Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Purchases ~ More Easy Paris Laca De Unas Nailpolish

'Yay! I found on a dark spot in my bedroom a one gig memorycard... and best part is the card is still working... Double Yay! This means I can finally photograph some purchases I did past month. So let's start with nailpolish purchases today.'

'Do you remember my earlier post about Easy Paris Laca De Unas Nailpolishes? Well, yeah, I went back to our "1000 Voordeelshop" in our town, and I went a little bit crazy... I started my earlier post with 3 nailpolishes, and uhm yeah, I ended up with 11 of them. Mostly are glitters, and I must say, I think these polishes are pretty good for a €1,50 a piece polish. I can wear these polishes 2-3 days without chipping and without a topcoat. Most colors need an second coat, but that's a pretty standard routine for me.'

'Okay, I bought two more creme finishes, one in an nice green wich I didn't try yet and the other is an pretty orangy/ tangerine color, wich is perfect for summer. Beneath you see a quik swatch where I did only one coat. Please don't pay too much attention to my horrible nails... I am still a little stressed out from the fact that my feonce ended up in the hospital last sunday... wich you could read here.' 
Picture taken after 3 days of wearing... two coats #54 the yellow one
#455 the orangy/ tangerine one... one coat, quik idea of how it looks

'Anyway, continue with my six glitter polishes, wich I adore! I tried till now only the one with the purple and blue glitters over an baby yellow nailpolish and it looked so girlie... never thought I like glitters. The only thing I hate about glitters is the fact that they don't come off really easy when you use remover and cottonballs, but for the upcoming Christmas and parties they are really cool. I made a couple of swatches about them. The black one was an really surprise for me, cause in the bottle this color looked like an creme finish black. However, I do like that one.' 
Only one coat!

'So far my Easy Paris Laca De Unas purchase for december. I wish I had the opportunity to post this earlier, but oh well, lucky for me I found that old skool one gig memory card...' 

'Excuse me for my bad nails in this post. All pics are taken on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

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