Thursday, December 22, 2011

Purchases ~ A few Catrice Cosmetics thingies

'A couple of days/ weeks ago there was a discount of 30% for the Catrice Cosmetics stuffies at my local Dutch drugstore Trekpleister. So I grab the opportunity, and bought a few things. I can't tell you exactly how much I spent, cause I lost my receipt.'

'Anyway. First thing I defenately needed was a new mascara, so I picked up this "Our best volume ever" mascara. I didn't try it out yet, but here are some pics of the brush.'

'Next one I picked up is this Lipappeal Lipgloss in #120 Berry Good. This Lipgloss was a while ago on my Catrice Cosmetics Wishlist. I love this soft purple color. I wore this allready a few times over an purple lipstick, and it looked great. Here are some pics and the swatch of it.'

'Next are a couple of Precision Lipliners and a Precision Eyeliner. I'm happy with both. You could, like the package says, make very precise lines. I like the subtile result. It finishes your look, or it makes your lipstick last longer without an harsh line around your mouth. Again, here are some pictures.'
Seriously. I had to rub hard to get it off...

'And this was it allready. Very tiny purchase, but I love the stuffies I got. Hope you liked it, and have a nice day.' ^_^ 

'Pics are taken by myself on my way too small make up dresser at night.'

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