Thursday, February 20, 2014

Reviews ~ Pretty Perfect Nail Drying Spray (Big Bazar)

'A little while ago, I found a very cheap Nail Drying Spray by Pretty Perfect at the Big Bazar for only €1,50. Here are my thoughts.'

'For the test, I used a nailpolish from Wynie, cause sometimes, Wynie Nailpolishes will dry slow, or when you put on a little too much, you can test this quik dryspray perfectly. The package says that after spraying, the polish should be dry in 60 seconds.'

'I painted on two coats, and sprayed it from a small distance. The product feels a bit cold on my hands, and it smells very girly. After spraying, and when the polish dried, it seems I painted an Scented Polish on, but it's an regular polish off course. After 60 seconds, the polish is only touch dry, and I recommend to wait about 15 minutes longer.'

'So, be careful after 60 seconds, cause if you bump against something, your mani will be destroyed by a hole or scratch. Especially when you use two coats. This polish is one of the harder to dry ones, so maybe it shouldn't be that bad with other brands. Just be sure, wait a few minutes longer, like I said earlier.'

'Overall, I think this isn't a bad product. I think this drying spray always comes in handy. Unless you can't stand the scent of very girly perfumes, but the scent isn't that heavy. I didn't need to open a window afterwards.'

'I painted my nails the other day with a Saffron Nailpolish, but this brand isn't touch dry after 15 minutes spraying this product. Now, Saffron is a hard to dry brand to me, maybe it will work for you and is it just the reaction with my nails. I didn't make a picture, because the result was too bad. So you need to figure out by wich brands it will work. The package says "for most types Nailvarnish", and they're right. It doesn't work with every nailpolish brand so far.'
The product won't work properly with these Nailpolishes by Saffron... 
I used for the Saffron test #54 a minty green

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me, except for the Saffron picture, thanks to the owner.'

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