Saturday, January 31, 2015

Reviews ~ Finished Products Janyary 2015

'Here are my Finished Products for the first 2015- month. I have not much for this post, but at least I have something finished.'

'First item, this Cure Solutions facecream from Yves Rocher. I got this for free years ago, and as you can tell, I didn't finish it properly. That's because the consistency drove me nuts. It was so slippery and made my face shiny. Normally I don't purchase this, and it took me a while to get through. The winter is the only time I can use this, without it makes me too shiny. Never want to purchase this at myself. The pot isn't that practical too. You need to put your fingers under the rim, and then still you can't get it out that good.'

'Next a bunch og lippies and two files. De green lipbalm was from the Action and comes in a pack of two. It's 0,69 a pack wich is very cheap. It didn't dried out my lips like a lot cheap balms do, so for the price it's an good alternative. The other two are Bonnebell Liplites, wich I got years ago. They where still good, but I had to finish it quikly. Like these, but never see me repurchase them. The files came in a 0,49 pack of five at the Action, and are the worst files I ever used.'

'Lastly a bunch of samples wich I got at the Secret Santa this year. I can't get too much in depth with them, but most things I really enjoyed, like the Loreal Hair Oil and a few Yves Rocher creams.
Also a cotton rounds package from the Action for 0,50, my standard cotton I use for Nailpolish removing and make up.'

'That's it!'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone so bare with me.'

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