Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Purchases ~ Nailpolish By Ingrid Cosmetics #298 (Hot Bubblegum Pink)

'Once in a while I drool around the city, walk by some cheapy shops, like recently the Dutch Op=Op Voordeelshop. And off course, I clashed on a nailpolish display there. It was a little messy display, but the cute bottles with black caps in there pulled my attention. I figured that it was an unknown brand to me, till now, called Nailpolish By Ingrid Cosmetics. My heart jumped a little when I saw the price: only €1,25 a piece, and buy 3 for 3. Amazing bargain, but off course before I lost myself to buy immediately 3, I decided to pick up only one to try. I picked their hot bubblegummy pink. And here it is.'

'I used only one coat here, and I got not really away with it. Still I think two coats will do it better, so next time I will use two layers. The consistency goes on very smooth, and it costs me not so much time to get it totally dry. I painted it on before I jumped into bed, and the next morning it wasn't bumped or anything. After I took it off, it didn't stain my nails heavy or something, so I'm pretty pleased with this quality nailpolish. I'm sure I will drool through the city again soon, for picking up some more colors by this brand. For the price, I can't beat it.'

'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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