Saturday, May 18, 2013

Reviews ~ Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadowbase

'It's time to share my thoughts on the Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadowbase. I can tell you that I'm not so amused by this product, so here's the reason why.'

'My eyes exploded. Literal. First I thought it's just my allergies. Then I started to use during an very rainy week the eyeshadowbase again, so the change being attacked by seedlings was very low. At that point, my eyes looked normal, cause my allergies disappeared. But then, after starting to use this base again, my eyes started to be itchy. After removing my eye make up after 8 hours, my eyes looked very irritated and red in the corners. Now I'm sure the reason of my itchy eyes: this freaking Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadowbase.'

'Sure, it could be one of their ingredients in this product, but I don't think so. I'm not easily irritated by make up products. I really think it's Catrice's safety protocol. You see, all primers weren't sealed by stickers, plastic stoppers, or what so ever. There was no tester, so the change that people open the actual products to look at the colors or sniff a thousand time on it is very big. That way, bacteria have an easy acces to these type of pots. Even if people not immediately stick their fingers in it. Off course I checked on fingerprints, and in my product there was none. So you may expect that the product is safe... I also looked around for other reviews, and they we're really positive about this primer. I also can't tell you if this product does the job. It claims to make your make up to be waterproof all day, but I honestly can't tell you if this is true. If you can see, the product make my eyes so irritated and watery, that it weared off before the day was over.'
After 8 hours of wearing Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadowbase- Before I removed my make up

'Well, I learned the hard way. Now I have an product which I can't use. I will lay this issue defenately at the Catrice office. Cause in my eyes this isn't okay. I hope this is a little warning for people who planned to pick up one of the Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadowbases. I don't claim that this should happen to everyone, I only say that it could be. Fingers crossed for you...'
After 8 hours of wearing Catrice Prime And Fine Eyeshadowbase- Removed my make up here. You can tell, cleaning my eyes helped to calm my eyes a little

'Pics are taken by nyself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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