Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random Messages ~ One Month In The Life Of An Freelance Journalist....

'Oh my, this month is almost over... I'm feeling a little bit ashamed. I posted so little here on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt, it isn't even funny. But I had a really good reason. I get almost every week a good amount of books, cd's, games and other stuffs for reviewing purposes. And some weeks I got piles and piles of packages...'

'I even had to make a list with the things to receive, and believe me, this list is way longer by now. The picture of the list is taken somewhere at the beginning of August....'

'However, I'm still on track. The only book at this point with a deadline is the Robin Cook Nano one. All the others are books I got for free, or I bought them myself. I still need to read that book by Katherine Howe. I put that book weeks ago away, to read all the wonderfull books I got for my work. Amazing, but sometimes, it could be overwhelming, specially to my family. Cause my nose is almost all the time in a book... I really enjoy my job though and I really look forward to get another pile of packages...'

^_^ Big Paws, GlitterKitty ^_^

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