Monday, December 9, 2013

Purchases ~ New Shape Nailpolish Bottles from Wynie

'Remember this picture?'

'That's right, I posted this picture past month, and now it's time to show you my new shape Nailpolish Bottles from Wynie in depth. And after my little first purchase, I went a little nuts. I went back to my local 1001 Voordeelshop and picked a few more. Just a few:'

'I'm such an bad girl. ^_^ However, I swatched them, and I need to say that Wynie also improved their formula a bit. All these swatches are done with just one layer.... I'm very impressed. The drytime is okay. The minty green dried on my nails in 10 minutes. The coverage is briliant, you can get away with one coat by most colors, specially if you don't have that big nails like I used here. The only color wich is a little strikey is the froggy green one here. And another little note: it's not necessary to put on a big blob. It dries quikly, but when you use a big blob, you can easily whipe the polish off your nails. So make sure you wipe the brush pretty good before applying, cause even when you think less product won't cover it that well, trust me, you don't need too much. With that said, let's show you the swatches. I wore #679 and #611 allready, and #611 is the perfect ashy lilac to me. To give you also an idea of the coverage on natural nails, I took a picture of #679 on my nails. I used only one coat on my natural nails too.'

'Overal I think Wynie improved these polishes very well. The price are the same, only 1,50 a piece, a real bargain for such an good product. Defenately go back and pick up some of the pearly/ glittery colors. They do also have a packed full of glittery pink, so I will check on that one again. I also think these new package is better. They do remind me a bit of the Sinful Colors Bottles, except for the caps. I liked the old gradient caps, but these are a little more practical to storage...'

'Next purchase in depth: My first NYX Nailpolish.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, so bare with me...'

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