Friday, December 27, 2013

Random Messages ~ (A Very Late) Ho ho ho... 2013

'I'm so sorry for these late Christmas wishes! I was so busy during the week before Christmas, cause I was voluntering at Serious Request 2013 in my town.... It was all about the Glass House here...' 

'After that we had to do the Christmas groceries very quikly, and during that I became sneezy... still not felling better, and now we're also need to think of the Newyear's groceries and stuff... We litterly put the balls in our tree at Christmas itself, omfgh.'

'Anyway, I hope you had an awesome Christmas... If I do not speak to you here, I want to wish you an healthy 2014 also.'
My turn this year... Christmas 2013
His turn, Christmas 2011

Muwah, ^_^ GlitterKitty ^_^

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