Monday, April 28, 2014

Reviews ~ Freeman Masks (Trekpleister, Kruidvat, De Tuinen NL)

'Time for trying my Freeman Masks. I have 3 to discuss, so let's get started. Depending for wich one you go, De Tuinen (Dutch Healthstore) has a better variety of scents. Kruidvat and Trekpleister (both Dutch drugstores) sell these temporary.'

'The First one is the Clay Mask Mint&Lemon. The consistency is not to thick, and spreads evenly. It smells slightly like lemon, and the mint makes the skin fresh and cold. The minty scent is there too, but not overpowering. It looks green. After 15-20 minutes the consistency hardens on the skin, and got cracked. When it crack, the skin feels like pulling together. After rinsing it off, my skin feels way better, smooth and soft. This mask defenately does the job. If it clears my heavy breakouts around my lips and on my chin, we will find out after a few other applications, but my skin looks and feels better after one treatment allready.'
Just slapped the mask on
Looking like an reptile after 15-20 minutes

'The Dead Sea Minerals Mask is thicker, and because of that, I had too use way less then the previous one. This consistency was a little harder to get out the bottle too. Even if I spread out a thin layer, I look like a smurf as you can see. After 10-15 minutes the clay cracked a little, but not too clearly like the Mint Mask. Also after that time, my skin feels a little dry after rinsing it off, so a good cream is recommended after using this. Then the scent. In my opinion it smells really fresh and clean, and there's nothing wrong with that. Like a lot clay masks this one pulls together too, but not so heavingly like the minty one.'
Just slapped the mask on
After 10-15 minutes

'Peel Off Mask Cucumber. This mask is very fresh. After slapping it on, you should be overrated with a fresh breeze, lol. The consistency is a bit thick, with an see through color. After the mask dried, you can start peeling it off. It feels a bit tight, but after pulling the skin a bit by opening your mouth, the mask comes off easily. It's recommended to spread the mask evenly, cause when you put on too much, it won't dry fast. I think it's an good idea to use an brush for the application of this mask, cause the consisteny may a bit sticky, wich makes it tricky to spread nice. Overall I think this is a nice mask to relax with. It´s not that you need to peel it off, you can also take a wash cloth to do the job.'
Just slapped the mask on
After 15-20 minutes you got snake skin

´So far my masks in depth. I think Freeman did a good job with their masks. You have value for money, and I will defenately purchase a few of their others.´

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me. Yish, my skin looks yuki here, so please don´t judge. I try to fix that skinproblem at the moment, so bare with me.'

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