Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Purchases ~ Trekpleister 1+1 Free Sales : Catrice Ultimate Laquers The Next Level #59 - #63 (Fall 2014)

'There was a nice sale at the Dutch Trekpleister: buy one nailpolish get one free. So I went a bit nuts with Catrice's newest regular Fall colors. Catrice Ultimate Laquers are 2,99 each, so I paid for this lot basicly 7,50. (The sixth color I will show you in another upcoming post, beware of that).'
Left to right: #59 First Glass Up-Grape, #60 Out Of The Dark, #61 Greige! The New Beige, #62 Must-Have STEELetto, #63 Mint The Gap

'Those Fall colors are gorgeous. You can get away with one coat of the most Catrice Ultimate Laquers, and it dries quik. Only bad thing: Catrice doesn't really well on their brushes at the moment, so I don't know what that all about. The brushes are a bit bended at some polishes, or looking rough. So keep that in mind. The polishes gave me mostly a smooth application, and most of my brushes are okay. But let's be honest, right?'
#59 First Glass Up-Grape, #60 Out Of The Dark, #61 Greige! The New Beige
#62 Must-Have STEELetto, #63 Mint The Gap

'Favorites of the bunch: First Glass Up-Grape, Must-Have Steeletto and Mint The Gap. Those are beautiful eyecatchers for the nails.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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