Sunday, September 28, 2014

Reviews ~ Finished Products September 2014

'Months... they goes by in a wink. It's allready that time. Let's see what I finished here.'

'First finished item, an Coconut Care Handcream. It was 0,79 at the Action, and at first I thought, this handcream should be purchased over and over again. But no. After this second tube, my nose tells me that the scent became funky to me. A little bit chemic. In other words, I don't like it anymore. So, I know what I need to do. Looking around for another handcream.
Next two bottles of Yves Rocher Les Plaisirs Nature Perfums. The first is in Coconut, wich is still available, and the other one is an discontinued scent in Apricot. They are 3,50 a piece, but I quit purchasing at Yves Rocher, cause the service in Holland really sucks. I mean, I loved most of their products, but they try to let you buy unnecessary things, or they send you the same "surprise" things, if there is such a deal like that to let you order. No, I'm not pleased with them lately.
The other two things. A Carmex Lipbalm in cherry. I forgot the price of that one, but I only know that I ordered from Ebay once. The other item is an mini eyepencil wich came in one of my Catrice Big City Life boxes. I know, the pencil isn't completely gone, but it does irritate my eyes, wich is mostly a sign of spoiling.'

'Then a few basic things. First my standard Cotton Rounds from the Action, 0,59 a pack. The other thing is also from the Action, discontinued, make up wipes I used for freshing up my feet in summer, only 0,19 a pack. The last thing on the pic, a Nailbuffer from the Big Bazar. Those buffers come in a pack of two, and are 1,49. The annoying thing: I can't find those Nailbuffers anymore. I only have one left, and as you can tell: I used this one to dead.'

'And that's it. I talk to you in my next post. Take care.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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