Friday, February 8, 2013

Purchases ~ Cheap Begin For The Month Of Love : Februari Bargains

'Here I want to share with you a few Cheap Things I collected at the start of the Month Of Love, Februari 2013. Mainly I shopped at the Dutch Action, which I told you earlier about. It's an store which sells loads of cheap things. They sell Kitchen Stuff, Make Up and Beauty Related Things, Stationary... sometimes it's an pretty cheap hit, and sometimes it's an stinking miss. However, it's not an big gap in your wallet, so Action things are nice to experiment with.'

'First, I came across these Max Mini Nailpolish sets. They had a few more colors, and also a few with caviar, but I didn't pick those with caviar because of the small amount of caviar pearls in it. A set Mini Nailpolish at the Action is only €0,79. Each bottle contains 3,6ml, and they are great for traveling. I will swatch them soon as possible.'

'Finally... Action stocked up on their Nail Art Stripers again! Yayzzz! I grabbed a few when I had the change, cause Action ran out very quikly on them the last time they had them. I only paid 1,39 for a set of 3, and I heard pretty good things about those. We shall see how they work out for me.'

'Also needfull things: a basecoat from the Action for €0,59, and a Byphasse Facecleanser from the Op=Op Voodreelshop (Dutch Beauty Bargain shop) for 2,25, cause I ran out of face cleanser, and this one last me a very long time.'

'Lastly I picked this NYC Expert Last Lip Color in 443 Purple Crush at my local Dutch Drugstore Kruidvat. It was €2,99, and at this moment the other Dutch Drugstore Trekpleister has an buy two for 4 discount, so maybe I go to the Trekpleister to pick a few more, cause the lipstick feels very good on the lips. The only thing, NYC has only the standard color range for these lipsticks, nothing BAM! in your face colors or rarely unique ones.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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