Friday, February 1, 2013

WishLists ~ Catrice Ultimate Laquers Improved Color Range of 2013

'Catrice is going to improve their Ultimate Laquers again. With that, Catrice also raised the price from 2,69 to 2,99. You get the same amount of nailpolish which is 10ml. Off course I want their newest colors, but I also show you here all the colors which should be available from March 2013.'

'I'm specially interested in Hugo Moss, Miss Piggy's BF, I'm Dynamite, Vino Tinto, Mint Me Up, Petropolitan, Lilactric, Denim Moore and Bricky Mousse. There are a few which are real classic colors in Catrices Nailpolish line: Caught On The Red Carpet, Bloody Mary To Go and Meet Me At Coral Island are the samples which we know from the very first beginning of the Ultimate Laquers. Which ones do you like?' 

'Pics are screenshotted from Beautyscene, thanks to their owners!'

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