Sunday, February 10, 2013

Purchases ~ New Things At Yves Rocher In Februari

'Yves Rocher came out with a few new things again, so I decided to make an order this month. My love needed also some new showergels, so I had my reasons to order. Let's take a look what I ordered.' 

'The items which caught me like a magnet, are the Caring Lipsticks, like the Dutch YR site describes them, but they are named Grand Rouge Lipsticks. At the moment when I'm typing this, these new Lipsticks aren't even released in the USA yet, so they could be called different in the English language. They look a little like their Cream Lipsticks, which I really love. Only the package of these lipsticks are gold, instead of the blue Cream Lipsticks package. Catalogue price is €17,95, but as an Yves Rocher member, I got these with 50% introduction discount, so I paid 8,95 a piece. The bracelets came for free.'

'Next a few Jardins Du Monde Almond Showergels. Showergels are mostly the usual thing I order from Yves Rocher. I paid €1,50 for each, catalogue price is 3.'

'Next I needed a peeling for face and foot. The first tube is an 3 Minutes Pomegranate Mask, which came for free. Second tube is the Face Peeling with Apricot and the third tube is the foot peeling. Face peeling was €3,30. The foot peeling was €2,95. I don't know what the actual price was for those two, but I got everything with a discount of 50%.'

'And this baby was also a part of the free €35 gift. It's an Cure Solutions Facecream, and I'm very happy with this one, cause I got this earlier for free, and it worked really good for me. At the moment, my face isn't the best, so I can use this for sure. Normal price is around 35 I bet.'

'I also got an handy shopper for free, but that one didn't fit in the pic. I thinks that's it. I will do a few reviews about a couple of these products next.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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