Friday, February 15, 2013

Reviews ~ Max Make Up 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette in Color Me Crazy (Action)

'Let's talk about another cheap bargain. In my last cheap purchase, I didn't talk about this little sucker, cause I did pick it up at least a week later. Everytime I was at my both Actions here in Holland, it seems the Max Make Up 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette was sold out, at least the one I wanted to review. That's why this ES palette wasn't include there. So, let's dive right into this review.'

'The palette comes in an black box, which makes it for the eye a little more luxurious. After opening the box, the palette didn't came out easy. The shadows are covered with an plastic and there's Max Make Up logo printed on. They stick that plastic with glue on the palette, which is really annoying. The glue residue stays on clearly.'

'Max Make Up really increased their package of these Eyeshadow Palettes. They even gave their 18 Color Palettes names. Mine is called Color Me Crazy. The palette closes with an noisy click, which is reassuring to me. The lid looks matte, (which isn't really visible on the pic) and the palette isn't too big, which makes it nice for traveling. The back is shiny though. It also contains an nice mirror and two spongetip applicators.'
Hmmm... my Palette seems to be a bit dirty... Maybe ^_^ Gizmo ^_ ^ and his filthy fur lied down on my dresser... Oh well, you never know how mischief that kitty could be...

'I choose this palette because of the matte shadows in it. All 18 shadows are matte, no pearls, metallics or what so ever. Max Make Up has at least 3 more palettes to choose from. However, the courage sank into my shoes while swatching the first row of the Color Me Crazy Palette I choose. As you can tell, non of these first row colors are of an good pigmentation.'

'My heart made a little jump when swatching the second row. Bot pinks and the orange did an pretty good job. These have an good color pay off. My heart shattered on the floor when I swatched the lime green and the other two colors of that same row. You see, I bought this palette mostly for the lime green, but as you can tell, there's barely color pay off for that one. The minty and lavender gave me a little color pay off, but these aren't easy build able. ' 

'Finally the last row. This one is by fair the most pigmented of them all. Specially the red, which is also matte. This red made it all good to me, at least one wanted color is highly pigmented. Surprisingly enough, the yellow gave me also an good color pay off. You know, for a matte yellow...I like this row the best.' 

'Then I did a simple look with the palette. I used an skin colored eyeshadow base, to create this. The least pigmented ones comes to live when you dip your brush in the pan instead of using your finger, I noticed. I dipped with my brush in every low pigmented shadow of this palette, and it seems that also the lime green warmed up, so I'm going to make a spring look with that one later on for sure. The lavender color in my inner corner didn't blend very well, I had to pack the color really on. Even after blending, it seems there's not much of the pigment left. Color 1C doesn't show up very well on my lid, but in real life you do notice it a bit. Most matte peaches don't show up very well on my skin, so I still have some hope left for this palette.'

'Overall I think this isn't a big hit, but it isn't a miss either. The palette is for at least 50% pigmented enough to make an reasonable look with it. The shadows are a little shalky if you maybe noticed at the first picture where I didn't even open the package. You don't need to buy this fellow for the complete first row, but if you're looking for an matte red or pink, then you can give this one a shot. Maybe with an white base the least pigmented ones, like the lime green will pop. By the way, all swatches on my hand are made without a base, and hopefully the shadows act a little better on the lid with a white base. For the price, €1,50, I think you can't beat it. Unless you hate bright colors off course... Other Max Make Up 18 Color Eyeshadow Palettes I Googled are Nude, Multicolor and Fullcolor. These I don't own, seems to be pearly colors, and I'm not sure about these. Do I want to purchase more of Actions Max Palettes? Honestly, I don't know, so I would say maybe...'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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