Sunday, March 3, 2013

Projects ~ On My Nails : Max Nails Nailpolish in Peach

'Here's another On My Nails Post, this time I painted my nails in an Max Nails, only 0,49 Polish. You can buy these polishes at the Dutch Action, which sells beside beauty related products, like kitchen supplies, stationery, underwear, and loads more nice priced stuffies. 
The color of this polish is Peach. Max released this color in the past as an more pinky color, so Max improved this color for loads. It's an peach color, not an pink, you know. On the pics, I used only one coat, so the coverage on this polish is pretty good. As you might know, some Max Colors are a hit or sometimes a miss. This one is a hit for sure.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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