Sunday, March 10, 2013

Random Messages ~ Can We Fix It? Yes We Can!

'Past week we where very busy with working on our new house. You see, we're moving soon. But... our house is yielded totally empty, hull. So we need to lay some nice carpet and paint it there. Before we're going  to carpet and paint, we had to rip off the old wallpaper and sand it very well. Then we let our walls plaster through the pros. Here I have a few pics me ripping off the old wall paper from the wall. After placing the carpet and painting, we are ready to move in... So, if I don't post a lot here on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt during this month, it's because of the move.'
I'm not looking really pretty here, but hey, I'm working...;)

'Oh, and between the lines... did I told here all ready that my journalism exam ended up succesfull? Jups, I may call myself an freelance journalist from now on. I am on top of the world, and I can fix anything! New life, here I come...'
My Journalism Certificate... I censored I few things, cause of my privacy ;)

^_^ Warm Paws, GlitterKitty ^_^

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