Saturday, March 9, 2013

Reviews ~ Max Make Up Mono Eyeshadow and Zebra Print Nail Files (Action)

'Past week I was a lot at my local Dutch Action, cause we needed wall paint and other task items for our new house. I also picked up some €0,49 Nail Files with zebra print, cause my nails are really bad through the stripping powder. I really hate to strip off old wallpaper... but the fifty cent Nail Files are working. I tried one all ready, and I must say, it does the job. Better then their buffing blocks... Action sell more girly prints. For example you can also buy their leopard print nail files. It all depends on your personal taste.'

'I also picked an Max Make Up Mono Eyeshadow for only €0,59. This is the fail of the week, and I don't want to recommend you to buy this. At least not this color. 
These Mono Eyeshadows doesn't have names or numbers, but I picked the purple with an blue undertone. The color looks really gorgeous in the pan, but after the swatch it disappointed me. There's barely pigmentation, especially when I made a swatch on my hand. Hopefully this bad boy does work with an good (white) eyeshadow base. 
I read on another blog about these shadows, and according to the girl who wrote the article these shadows "are very pigmented". She had the more neutral and brown tones, and I figure for some reason, cheap brands like Max always have great neutrals and browns, but the bright colors aren't not so poppy on the lids. They also have an beautiful in the pan looking turquoise, but mi-auww, I don't want to purchase more of these mono's. And I do have enough neutrals and browns, so for those colors I don't need to buy more. We shall see, mostly my curiosity wins.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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