Thursday, July 18, 2013

Random Messages ~ RIP Talia Joy From Youtube

'Maybe it looks a little rude if I post this under my random messages, and I'm really sorry if it is so, but I have to put it up somewhere. If you watch beauty related video's on Youtube, you also heard about Youtuber taliajoy18, a young girl and sadly diagnosed with cancer. However, she was a very positive girl. 
I think the world is in shock now, because Talia earned her angel wings on July 16, 11.22 AM. I watched one of her last video's, and the girl who did the 20 tag with her said, very convining, that Talia should be the next survivor. My heart shattered on the floor when I heard that...
RIP Talia, I'm sure the beauty community on Youtube will miss her loads. And not only Youtubers, also her loving family, wich I want to wish all the strenght in the world to get through this lost.'

'I had to post this because the fact that I lost my older brother at an very young age. He had cell cancer, and he was six when he died. (I was four) Talia reminded me a lot of my brother, he was also always laughing, even when he was in pain.'

'I hope Talia will meet my brother in heaven...because she touched my heart.'

'I don't own Talia's picture here, so thanks to the owner.'

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