Sunday, July 7, 2013

WishLists ~ Beauty At

'Normally I will buy loads of books at Dutch webshop Since a while they also sell beauty related products. Reason for this wishlist is to show you a few things they have, and showing some Essie Polishes. And sometimes if you buy 3 polishes you only need to pay for two. So, if I purchase Essie with that discount, I will safe €10,49. Not bad.'

'Here are some Essie Polishes I like. Those are €10,49 each.'
Merino Cool
Mink Muffs
Sew Psyched
Smokin Hot
Island Hopping

'I also found a few Revlon Lipsticks. Revlon Lippies are €9,99 and up, so it's expensive, but you will find colors there, you can't easily find here in Holland.'
Revlon Lipbutter Raspberry Pie - €11,99
Revlon Lipstick Vava Violet - €9,99

'Pics are taken by, thanks to the owners.'

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