Monday, July 7, 2014

Purchases ~ So Me Fluffy Nails (Action)

'A while back, I purchased a Fluffy Nails set from the Action. The set contains a brush, some flock and a yelly finish nailpolish without any name or number. I tried this fluffy trend, and I must say, the flock stays on for two days on me. After two days, the fluffyness is more like an cheap and rough carpet, but that's fine to me.I'm glad the fluff stayed on for those two days. I did doing dishes with them, washed my hands, and got through the litterbox... well to clean it, lol. So you know that I didn't nothing with my fluff on.' 

'The brush is really crappy, and you don't need to use that thing. Just tap the access of your nails, and you're done. The drytime on this is not that fast, so be patient on that. I think for such an cheap fluffy option, it's cool to have that carpet on your nails for those few days. Me I like. The next day I purchased the purple one too. I don't make pics from me wearing the fluff and having the purple one, I'm sorry for that. I thought not to get my pics proper on my hard disk for a long time, but it seems that problem is solved.' 

The Fluffy Set is from the brand So Me and is €1,09. The Heart Glitter Polish from So Me is also 1,09. A picture on my nails, will following in the future... hopefully.' 

' Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.' 

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