Thursday, July 10, 2014

Reviews ~ (Belate) Finished Products June 2014

'I decided to put on my Finished Products from June 2014, cause my trash bin is overflowing. I planned on to squeeze June together with July, but the mess is driving me nuts. So here we go with the Finished Products for June.' 

'First I finished a €1 douchecream from Palmolive, the one with the Olive scent. I really enjoyed that douchecream. The other is a douchegel from Vogue and  got it for free in a Giveaway group on Facebook. It's the exotic or erotic one. Not sure if I will purchase this by myself.
Then I used up an bodybutter by Superdrug. It was in Coconut and Sheabutter, and it was around €2,50. I will repurchase this probably somewhere in the wintertime.
Then some faceproducts. The first one is my always come back to cottonpads, from €0,55. These are from the Action. Also from the Action: Beau facecloth's for just 0,19 a pack! Could you believe it... The thing is: I won't use these for my face, cause it will leave you some make up on, especially with mascara it's trouble. But I love these cloth's for my feet. After a long day wearing gympies at work, I will whipe my feet clean... It's so refreshing for that.' 

'I also finished two perfumes. The first one is by Avon, and it's called Far Away. I purchased this thing somewhere in 2006, not even lie. When I found this perfume, there was just a little bit left, so I finished it. I'm glad I did. I have no idea what this perfume nowadays will cost...  Maybe if you're searching for it, you will find it.
The other perfume is an Bonnebell one. This thing is very old, and it does smell bad, so I didn't even use the whole bottle up. But I'm done with it. Also no idea about the price, or available- ness of it.
Also done: ELF Eyelid Primer, also an old one. I liked this primer, and if my paypal let me I will repurchase this for 1 -$1. I heard they raised their prices a little at ELF, so I'm not sure about the exact price.
The last perfumy thing is an sample from Yves Rocher, wich I liked. Sadly enough I won't purchase from Yves Rocher anymore, cause their Dutch customer service is really bad, especially when you changing your shipping adress.' 

'Lastly, my finished lippies. First: a Catrice Lipappeal Lipgloss in Berry Good. Loved the color, but hated the consistency. I'm glad it's discontinued. It was overpriced too, 3,99 a gloss. 
Then a Limited Edition Catrice Lipstick. It doesn't make sense to say a lot of it, because it isn't available anymore for 3,99. The other lipstick is one from the regular line. Color is Pink Me Up, and the left over broke in the tube, during the heat. Not going to repurchase, because I'm not a huge fan of pink lipsticks. It was also 3,99.' 

'That's it! Better late as never...'  

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.' 

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