Saturday, March 31, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products March 2012

'Tomorrow it's April the 1st. (No?! Are you joking?) What means time for my finished projects of the month March. So let's get started.'

'First thing I finished is this Les Plaisirs Nature by Yves Rocher in Apricot. This was my back up, and now I'm sad that I finally finished it. Yves Rocher have more nice scents from their Les Plaisirs Nature line, but offcourse the apricot one was an Limited Edition past year, so it isn't available anymore. It smells soooo good. And it's very cheap too, only 5 a bottle (500ml).'

'Next are also two products of Yves Rocher. First one is a foot scrub and the other one is one of my almond lipbalms. I finish at least one of those lipbalms a month, I really love these balms. The foot scrub didn't last me that long, sadly enough. I bought it in february this year. The consistency is so watery, you need a big amount to  make this scrub effective. It wasn't that expensive only 2,20. Catalogue price was 6-7 maybe. The lipbalm's catalogue price is 2,50, but I only paid 1.'

'I finished also this Rexona For Teens Music Fan deodorant. I liked this funky smell, and it was only 1,19 at the Action here in Holland. I hunted for this past month, but I couldn't find it anymore.'

'I finish every month a bag of cottonpads. Nothing special. I also bought this one at the Action for 0,59. Most of the time I repurchase this, cause it's so cheap.'

'Next I finished an Catrice mono eyeshadow in #090 Bring me the Frosted Cake. I finished it not completely, but I'm so fed up with this product. It's so chalky, and after a couple of times I applied this with my fingers, wich made it all dirty and gross. It's not very pigmented. This is the first eyeshadow by Catrice wich I really don't like. I think Catrice discontinued this color. I think that, cause I couldn't find this particular color on their site anymore, and my local drugstore don't carry this anymore. It was 2,79. The other thing I finished was this lolly bathsoap. I got it in one of my big Lipsmacker lots a couple of years ago, so I don't know what the price was then. I guess it is an American product as well.'

'Lastly I finished this facepowder by MAX Cosmetics. I bought this again at the Action here in Holland for the magical price of 0,89. I got this two years I guess. I didn't finish this completely, and it couldn't be because of the age. It feels a little dirty on the face. When I freshly purchased this, everything was fine, but now in the present this should be gross. Action discontinued this product a while ago, the last time I hunted for this I couldn't find it anymore.'

'Pics are taken at night on my way too smal dresser. Camera was my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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