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Brand Loves and Hates ~ Catrice Cosmetics

'I started an new section today, it's called GlitterKitty Brand Loves and Hates. Every brand has a bunch of good, and bad stuffies, wich I want to discus here. Let's start with subdivide some products from Catrice Cosmetics.'

GlitterKitty's LOVES
Catrice Ultimate Laquers, for color names click here: GlitterKitty's Paw Art
Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipsticks <click here for lipstick swatches>, Colourshow Lipgloss <click here for lipgloss swatches>, Catrice Precision Lipliner <click here for lipliner swatches>

'Let's start with discus some products from Catrice wich I love the most. It's no secret that I love, love, love their Ultimate Laquers. Still a couple to go, and I'm on schedule with them. Enough said, think. 
Another item I love, love, love are the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks. They smell like winegums or fruit wich I adore. The colors in this picture are my most wearables, except for the black one wich is called Breakfast at Tiffany's. That one I have for dress ups or Halloween.
You can say that I love most things from Catrice with the black package. The same thing with the Colourshow Lipglosses, wich I love too. These are not sticky, have an very good color pay off, and aren't not too shiny for me.
Lastly I adore the Catrice Lipliners. On the picture you see mostly their Precision Lipliners and one old lipliner, I guess it's called Designer Lips or something like that. I love the way how these liners go on.'

GlitterKitty's NOT SO SURE ONES
Catrice Perfect Resist Liquid Mousse Make Up, Catrice Ultimate Shine Lipsticks <click for lipstick swatches here>, Catrice Lipappeal Lipgloss, Mineral Powder Make up, Allround Concealer, Eyeliners.
Catrice Mono Eyeshadows, Duo Eyeshadows, Quartet Eyeshadows <click here for eyeshadow swatches>

'Next I have some Catrice products wich are in my opinion not very good but also not that bad. Let's start with some face products.
First thing is their Perfect Resist Mousse Foundation. I like how the product feels on my skin. However, it's not an heavy coverage, wich could be good if you want an light application, or bad if you have a lot pimples to cover. I use this more like an concealer, wich isn't that bad, but I want to use it where it's made for.
Next up is Catrice Mineral Powder Make Up. I think this product is for me not so easy to work with. You need to apply it lightly, with not too much product on your brush. Sometimes it won't be applied evenly, but when it's set it could give you an nice looking face.
Then we have their Allround Concealer, wich contains 3 skincolors, a pink and a green. Let's start with the green. Last days I have a very red face, wich I want to make less red with the green concealer, but even when I applied it evenly, you can see the red allthrough the product. The pink one I don't use that much, some times a little around my eyes or on the eyelid. The 3 skincolors I need to mix to get my skintone. I don't have the patient to mix my products. Overall the whole palette doesn't have an heavy coverage, and the product will disappear during the day. If you work very hard when applying this, maybe it should work. I don't want to repurchase this, so please let me know wich concealer palette you recommend. Please place a comment down below.
Next I have a couple of eyeliners. Eyeliners from Catrice will work, but sometimes they won't last very long.
I also own two Lipappeal Lipglosses, wich I actually like in texture and colors. I don't like the shine of them, the shine of these glosses are too much for me, like BAM in your face, you know what I mean. However I don't hate these glosses, I only need to be carefull with the shine. Oh, and these are a little sticky in my opinion.
I own also couple of Ultimate Shine Lipsticks. I have a love-hate relationship with these. I love the colors Berry Me and Stoplight the most, but offcourse Catrice discontinued these colors. Another color wich I like is Simply Rosewood, but I'm not going to repurchase these lipsticks cause after a while they're going to smell funky, in comparison with the Ultimate Colour ones, who smell after a long time of using still good. I think these lipsticks are typically seasonable items, cause these lipsticks are very moisturising and creamy, wich is good in wintertime, but sometimes, the color slides easaliy off my lips, especially in summer. Therefore, the labels wich contains the colorname, rubbed off after a while in my lip purse. Again, the Ultimate Colour ones don't have that problem.
Lastly most of their eyeshadows. For me mostly the matte ones work for me. The shimmer or metallic ones become greasy after a while and feel like chalk on the skin. Not all their eyeshadows are just that pigmented, but with the right base, some of them are buildable.'

GlitterKitty's HATES
Catrice concealer stick in 030, Eyeshadowbase, Allround Mascara

'Even though Catrice is one of my favorite budget brands, I do have sadly enough some products wich I don't like that much, or absolutely hate.
First item is an concealer stick in number 030. This color is way too orange for me, wich I need to mix when I need to use this, and I hate mixing products. I don't know if this product is still available.
Next item wich I don't like is Catrice Eyeshadowbase. I mean, it's good untill you use this thing a while. The consistency become thick and almost dry after a while of using. I'm now on a level with this, that I need to mix this with concealer or foundation, else you get a thick layer of cement around your eyes. If you use this in combination with one of their eyeshadows, it will crease. Not going to repurchase this item.
Lastly I hate is their Allround Mascara. If you follow me a bit, you know that I have naturally long lashes by myself (see here), so this mascara doesn't simply said nothing for me, not even give an intense black lash color. I'm defenately going to try a couple of other Catrice mascara's in future, so fingers crossed I found a Catrice mascara I like.'

'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Camera. Catrice logo screenshotted from the Catrice site.'

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