Saturday, February 25, 2012

Projects ~ I'm Sitting On A Volcano with Catrice

'I purchased a long while back this eyeshadow from Catrice in 130 Sitting On A Volcano, and ever since I try to find my way with it. Seems today I have an option wich also works for me.'

'First I applied some concealer all over my lid an all under the eyes. Then with my fingers I pat on Sitting On A Volcano also all over the lid. To blend it a little more I used 090 Bring Me The Frosted Cake (also single eyeshadow by Catrice) under my brows and a little in my crease. For the finishing touch I used an thin line of my Catrice Eyeliner Pen in Black. On my waterline I used an silver eyeliner and black eyeliner, wich isn't very visible on the pic. Yeah, again it's and very Catrice-y day.'

Catrice Allround Concealer Palette
Catrice single ES 130 Sitting On A Volcano
Catrice single ES 090 Bring Me The Frosted Cake
Catrice Eyeliner Pen Black
Catrice Long-Lasting Eyeliner Pen 090 Talk Is Silver! (discontinued)
Catrice Stay On! Eyeliner Pencil in 010 Ultra Black (discontinued)
Max Powder Foundation in Tan (Action NL, discontinued) 
I'm wearing no mascara today ;)

'Pics taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone camera. Eyepic was an lucky shot.' ^_^ 

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