Friday, February 10, 2012

Purchases ~ Yves Rocher Purchase Februari 2012

'Yves Rocher came out this month with some new stuffies, so I decided to try a couple of those things out. Besides that, I ordered also a couple of my standard things, like lipbalm and showergel.'

'I ordered five of my favorite lipbalms, the almonds flavored one with the yellow cap. They only costs me 1 a piece instead of the 2,50 catalogue price. I also ordered one of my favorite summer showergels: Jardins Du Monde Comoran Ylang Ylang Flower, also in an yellow package. I do have another favorite showercreme by Jardins Du Monde from Yves Rocher, that's the one with Californian Almond, but I do believe they don't sell that one in the USA. Instead of Californian Almond they do sell Brazilian Watermelon Showergel from Jardins Du Monde as well, wich is not sold in Holland. I just found out. I paid for my ylang ylang showergel only 1,50 a piece instead of the 3 catalogue price. The footpeeling was about 2,20, but catalogue price is 5,95, something like that.'
Douchecreme with Californian Almond (not sold in USA)
Douchegel with Brazilian Watermelon (not sold in NL)

'Ok, on to some new make uppies. First I came across these new package lipsticks. In the past Yves Rocher sold lipsticks in an pink, sturdy package wich carried the name Luminelle. YR discontinued these Luminelle pink package lipsticks, and came up with these newer lipsticks. This time, not with the name Luminelle on it, just Yves Rocher, and in an purple/ white package with an cute girliegirl flower on the cap. First of all, I don't know what to think of the scent, wich is not an pleasure scent to smell in my opinion. After a short while you don't smell it anymore, but then it is also time to re apply the product. The colors came out very sheer on me, and with that, this lipstick won't last on me very long. When you open the lipstick, by pulling off the plastic wrapper, the names come off the package. Reminds me of the Wet 'n Wild Lipsticks. Could be a little annoying if you only remember names and not the numbers. Oke, I do have a couple of good things: 1. It's buildable 2. These lipsticks are great for beginners and 3. The package is really cute. I think these are awesome for teenagers, or people wich dislike bold lips. I paid 4,95 a piece, catalogue price is 7,95.'

Old Lipstick Package Yves Rocher

'I had to have a couple of these mini nailpolishes. In the past they looked a bit smaller. Yves Rocher also came up with a couple of new shades, wich are cream. That's a good thing, because in the past YR only carried the pearl shades. First thing I mentioned while I apply them: The cream finishes I tried have an amazing coverage. On the pic I did just one coat. And they dried very quik on my nails. I only have to say good things so far about these polishes. Oh one thing: they chip like crazy, within one day... so a good topcoat over it, problem solved. Catalogue price of them is 3,30, but I got them for 1,70 a piece.'
Old Nailpolish Package Yves Rocher
My most horrible swatch pic ever... I think ^_^ (now you girls understand why I didn't make any Nail Art video's since ages)

'Then I got this mascara wich I got for free. Catalogue price on this is 17,50. At this moment on the Dutch Yves Rocher site for 8,75. I think the mascara's from YR are a little pricey. We shall see how this works.'

'Lastly I got this (fake?)leather purse also for free, along with this cute fleece blanket (blanket was an special offer for only 2,95). I'm an sucker for fleece blankets, and everytime when YR gives the opportunity to get one, I order. How bad am I, lol. I think I own too much YR fleece blankets... if you want to see my fleece blankets collection, just place an comment.' ^_^ 

'Pics are made by myself, with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so please don't judge me because some pics aren't that sharp...'

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