Thursday, February 9, 2012

Projects ~ Valentine Lipcombo with Wet n Wild and MUA (US vs UK)

'Sometimes we swatch some lipsticks in the store, wich we like and buy. However, at home those lipsticks seems not what they are in real light and become "not wearable". Soon those lipsticks end up far away in one of our drawers, or worse, in our thrash can. Time to show you some idea's for mixing your lipsticks. I like to mix my lipsticks, but not when I'm on the go.' 

'Valentinesday is around the corner, so in this first lipcombo post I show you my Valentine Lipcombo: Make Up Academy in Shade 9 (UK brand) vs Wet 'n Wild in 906D (US brand). I do live in Holland, and I got both brands by accident. The Wet 'n Wild one I got in the mail by winning an surprise giveaway and the Make Up Academy one did I get from my feonce wich was in the UK back in August.'

'Wet 'n Wild in 906D is an hot and bright fuchsia pink color. Make Up Academy in shade 9 is an very metallic/ frosty purplepinkish color. Wet 'n Wild 906D is way too "in your face" for me, and MUA shade 9 is too frosty and shimmery when I wear these on their own, so I think when I mix these, you get an way more wearable color. 906D makes shade 9 less shimmery, and shade 9 makes 906D a bit toned down and less matte.'

'Pics are taken by myself on a way too small make updresser at night. Camera: Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone (don't judge me). Even my lips aren't photogenic, sorry.' ^_^

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