Sunday, February 26, 2012

Purchases ~ Catrice Limited Edition Nymphelia Lip Color Cream in Blossom

'Because I'm allowed to write as an freelance concert reporter at the local broadcasting company, I pampered myself to buy something new. That something became an Nymphelia Lip Colour Cream in Blossom. Nymphelia is Catrice's last came out Limited Edition at the moment.'

'Blossom is an beautiful peachy opaque looking color in the tube, but I came across a few dissappointments. First thing is the applicator. I really hoped that the applicator should be a brush, but it's an standard spongetip applicator, wich Catrice allready carry in their selection. Second is how it came out on the lips. Coverage isn't that good, it came out very sheer on my lips. Byebye opaqueness. Third thing is the lastingpower. It doesn't last very long on my lips, longest time is 30 minutes. The scent disappeared within 15 minutes.'

'However, I do have a couple of good things. First I really like the color how it is in the tube. Second is the scent. It smells like the standard winegum flower scent, wich I like. Third thing I like is the fact that it isn't sticky at all. (what explains why it last not so long on the lips) It is an soft consistency, but not really a cream. In a word, it's not what I expect from a opaque looking lipcream. This is an Limited Edition, and it retails for 3,79. And another thing: this product reminds me of the Revlon lipglosses. I think I had an better buy when I bought a couple of new Catrice nailpolish shades. I'm trying to get my hands on all the new came out Ultimate Laquers at the moment, so I work on an seperated post for them.'

'Pics made by myself at night on my way too small make up dresser. Camera I used was my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone camera. Not the best pics ever, but it's for giving you girls an idea.' ^_^

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