Thursday, February 2, 2012

Purchases ~ On the Hunt for Muppets: Swedish Chef and Sadistic Gonzo...

'When you are in Holland one day, you should probably doing your groceries at the Dutch Albert Heijn, or simply said AH. This grocery store should be famous because of their funny tv commercials, and they have nice things wich you can collect. Like you can now collect very awesome and cute hand puppets from the Muppets... You need to spend 15 on groceries wich gives you one Muppet point. Sometimes you get extra points if you get one of their bonus offers, and when you have six points with 1  surcharge you can get one hand Muppet. How cool is that? You can collect these handmuppets till february 19th 2012.'

'We had to have the Swedish Chef at first. He got a nice and cozy place on our microwave in the kitchen. Isn't he cute? Next we're trying to get handMuppet Gonzo, wich looks a little sadistic when my younger sister and me wanted on the picture with the Muppets at the AH... You're still cute Gonzo, no offence, but if we're give you a knife... I think every little kid and mom's getting the shivers.'  ^_^ 
Meet our Swedish Chef
Me with Sadistic Looking Gonzo
Younger Sister with Sadistic Looking Gonzo (I think she don't mind when she should killed by Gonzo, lol)

'All pics are taken with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, except the Muppet Pics, these are screenshotted from the AH... So bare with us.'

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