Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Projects ~ Nailpolish Cleanout Februari 2012

'Once in a while, I try to have an stash clean out. Products or items wich are spoiled, broken, or too nasty for giving them away, simply said products I never want to use again after trying them, are exit collection. Sometimes I will give those items away, but sometimes not. This time I cleaned out some very old, bad, dried out, or gloppy nailpolishes. By the way, I not opened these polishes for this post, cause else I have it everywhere, since these polishes aren't that fresh anymore.'

'First I want to clean out these two nailpolishes, both Dutch brands. First is from Drugstore DA, wich I have a long long while now. I used this one a couple of times, and exally I liked this polish. Coverage is great, stainpower is okay, but the consistency became thick. Therefore, DA changed their nailpolish range maybe a while ago, so I think it's time to get rid of this one. And I have way too many purples in my collection also, so yeah... The yellow one is from an company called Hema, and this polish also became thick. This polish is one wich doesn't dry very quikly, wich I hate in an nailpolish. I have this an long time too. And I collected many yellows the past years, so exit for this one as well.'

'Next up are these stripers from LA Colors Art Deco Liners. I got these at the beginning of 2009, I know that, because it was one of my last times I used my old Paypal account. Reason for cleaning these ones out is because they are so so gloppy and thick. I used the red one lastly in this video, and it was an pain in the *** to get everything smooth.'

'Then we have these Sally Hansen Diamonth Strenght No Chip Nailpolishes. These one I have a little longer then my stripers, same reason for cleaning them out: they are so so thick... it's literally pooh on my nails. Yuck. Before I took a pic of these, I opened them, and as you might see, it became an real mess on the cap. So bye bye on these ones also.'

'Up are these polishes by MNY. I cleaned these yellow and white color out because they're junk. Both nailpolishes need at least 6 coats to get them nice, and after so much time for waiting till it's dry, it chips the same day, no matter if I used an good topcoat. Waste of time and money. I still do have a couple of other polishes of MNY wich I will give another change for simple nail art like small dots or something, but it's defenately not one of my favorite brands.'

'I think this is it for now. If I find more things to clean out, I will post it here to share my findings about it with you. I hope this was helpfull.'

'Pics are taken on my way too small dresser at night, with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone camera.' ^_^

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