Friday, February 17, 2012

Projects ~ Masque Mania with Montagne Jeunesse

'When I was clearing my  make up dresser, I came across an box with used masks from Montagne Jeunesse. I want to make an post about Montagne Jeunesse Masks for ages now... I planned to post one on my previous weblog, but because of the weblog vs wordpress fusion I wasn't be able to make one. I didn't make pics yet, and I don't have pics about how the consistency looks like, but I do have pics about the (used) packages. So please keep in mind that I used these masks far back in 2011 and to use them all, it costs me about six months. In this post I'm going to give you girls an description of every mask I used, and what my opinions are.'

'Along in the same box where I found these masks, I found an piece of paper with notes, so I will give you my opinion about Montagne Jeunesse Masks according to these notes.'

'Sensitive Skin Masque with Ceramides Serum~ Mask is white, but smells really disgusting. The serum didn't work. I believe this mask is allready discontinued, cause when I lastly looked for masks, I didn't find it anymore.'

'Peel - Off Masque~ Smells really fresh, and when it dried up it is  slightly tight around the skin. When I try to peel it off, you need to work hard to get the job done. Consistency is blue, and jelly- ish. I believe it's still available.'

'Passion Peel- Off~ Smells fruity, more like pomegranate then passion flower in my opinion. Consistency is red and jelly- ish. I peeled this mask off better then the regular peel off.'

'Skin Polisher~ In my opinion this one smells more like stragiatelle yoghurt then honey- ish. Consistency is thick, white and smells too much for me. My skin became after this mask really soft, though.'

'Gel Cream Masque~ Watery pink- ish consistency, not a gel at all. Smells really fruity, and it seems this mask contains little fruit (?) granules. For me it smells good, but the consistency ran off my face.'

'Aromatherapy Masque~ Really relaxing scent. Lilacy and thick consistency. I enjoyed this one, and I purchase this again when I'm stressed out.'

'Mud Pac~ Smells like an fresh dead sea, seaweed- ish. Consistency is thick, and I believe the color seems to be an taupe color. This one makes me also really relaxed.'

'Sauna Masque~ When you apply this mask, it's getting warm. It smells really good, I can't really descibe the smell, but the consistency is liquidy and has an soft red color.'

'Fruit Smoothie~ Smells mostly like raspberry in my opinion. Not one of the favoritest scents, but also not one of the worst. Consistency is like yoghurt, white and a little thick.'

'Blemish Mud~ Typical mud and aloe vera scent. Consistency is lime green- ish and thick. Not my thing, but pleasant enough.'

'Fudge Sauna~ Consistency is light golden brown, liquidy and is getting warm when you apply it. Smells like caramels and it makes me really happy. You need to like sweet scents for this one. I think for some of you it might be a little overpowering.'

'Chocolat Blanc~ Consistency is really creamy, creamy white in color and it's smells so so so yummy... There's a little bit butter scent through it, but not annoying and my skin should be really soft after this. You enjoy chocolate without the calories.'

'Chocolate Masque~ Again, this one is really creamy, light brown in color and the scent is lovely, not too much, just perfect.'

'GlitterKitty's personal favorites: Passion Peel- Off, Aromatherapy Masque,  Fudge Sauna, and Chocolat Blanc.'

'GlitterKitty's no likes: Sensitive Skin Masque with Ceramides Serum, Gel Cream Masque, and Skin Polisher.'

'GlitterKitty's personal conclusion: Not every mask will work. Most masks only makes you relaxed, but it doesn't that much for the skin. After using these masks your skin should be look fresh and clean, but when you look closer you might notice that it isn't an prevention for blackheads or acne. One sachet is one application, and retails for 1,75. However, Montagne Jeunesse sells also these masks in a bottle, and retails for 5,95. These bottles are up to 10 applications, so I defenately want to try them out. You know, just for relaxing, cause Montagne jeunesse makes you really relaxed.'

'Pics are taken on my make updresser at night with my Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone Camera. Please bare with me, my make updresser isn't that clean on some points, I'm terribly sorry for that. Other pics by Montagne Jeunesse.'

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