Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Purchases ~ Max Crackle Nailpolish

'Past weekend I read some blogs about Nailpolishes, and I came across some articles about Max Crackle Nailpolishes. I wanted to try out the crackle trend in Nail Art Wonderland for a long time now, so I decided to make a visit at my local Action.'

'For the girls who doesn't know about Max Nails: Max is an cheap *** brand available at an Dutch store called the Action. They sell these Max Nailpolishes for the awesome bargain price 0,45 a piece. It seems that Max introduce their new Crackle Nail sets. In my local Action I saw at least five of these sets. Each set contains an base color, an crackle polish and an topcoat, so you get 3 polishes for 1,39. I think it's an awesome deal, so let's try them out.'

'Because of the low price you might think that these polishes could be crap. So let's test a few of these crackles. I got the Silver/Purple Crackle/Topcoat and the Gold/Black Crackle/Topcoat set.'

'I think these Crackle Polishes crackled very good. Personally I shouldn't use an gold underneath the black, but you can paint your nails in another color before you put some black crackle on. I love the silver/ purple crackle combination. I think crackle is very cool on the nails, so I think of buying other brands, just to compare their quality. These Max Crackle Nail Sets are very good for trying out the crackle style, just to figure out in case you like it.'

'All pictures are taken at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone Camera, so bare with me. Don't judge my cuticles, because at the moment it's freezing like hell here in Holland (-14C).... thank you.' ^_^ 

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