Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Wishlists ~ NYC Cosmetics Nailpolish

'It's time for another wishlist, this time I made one for NYC Cosmetics Nailpolishes. I don't have a lot of make up wishes for this brand, because I didn't heard a lot of good things about mostly their foundations, eyeshadows and some lipproducts. I do own allready from this brand one lipstick, wich isn't my favorite, and two In A minute Nailpolishes (one I didn't show here yet). So yeah, let's take a look at my NYC Nailpolish wishes.'

'I do have a couple of more In A Minute Nailpolishes. I do like how quik these polishes are drying. I tested only the color MoMa at the moment, and I like it. Because the NYC site doesn't have good color samples, I took some screenshots from other beauty and shoppingblogs. So I don't own the pics, and I say thanks to the owners of these pictures. Here are my In A Minute Nailpolishes I want. In A Minute Nailpolishes are €2,29 a piece.'
Waterstreet Blue (LE?)
High Line Green (LE?)
Pictures from A Beautiful Secret

'Another nailpolish variant from NYC is Expert Last Nailpolish. I don't own polishes of this variant yet, so hopefully these are good quality as well. In my local store these polishes costs €2,99. Here are my most wished colors.'
Hint of Mint (LE?)
Platinum Card
Pictures from ?

'I don't own any of these pics, so thanks to their owners. All pics are screenshotted from different blogs, and from New York Color itself.'

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