Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Purchases ~ Wynie and Ivsty Nailpolishes from the 1001 Voordeelshop

'Like I promised in my latest Most Awesome Shops post, here some Nailpolishes I got from Wynie and Ivsty Cosmetics wich I bought at the 1001 Voordeelshop for 1,50 each. Both brands are imported by Wirly Multigama Espana SL, so that's why their bottoms says Wirly Multigama Espana SL instead of the brand it self. For example Easy Paris says just Easy Paris on the bottom. <Here> I have a post about Easy Paris Laca de Unas, but in this post I want to show you mostly swatches.'

'Let's start with some creme finishes by Wynie Cosmetics. All swatches are done with only one layer, except declared differently.'
#567 reminded me of Attitude in Tutti Frutti, but as you can see is #567 slightly darker then Tutti Frutti
#563 reminds me of The Smurfs. Seriously
#564 is a gorgeous jade color
I don't own a lot of forest green colors, so I had to pick up #556 as well
#484 did not cover my nails in one coat, but it's beautifulwith two coats 
Two coats #484
#480 looks brighter on camera then it is in reality
In reality #480 look more like this...

'I think the darker creme colors needs defenately at least two coats before it looks pretty. Most of the lighter creme colors covered my nails in one coat. The jade color is my most favorite creme finish by Wynie so far. Now on to some glittery/pearly finishes. All swatches are done with only one coat, except declared differently.'
#525 is a reddish purple pearl/ glitter polish wich makes it perfect for Fall. I thought this one should be more purple in person, but's it's more deepred in my opinion
#526 did not cover perfect in one coat, so I think it's more a polish you want to layer on another polish. This color reminds me of China Glaze in Mr.& Mrs. and should also be perfect for wedding nail art

'These are my Wynie Nailpolishes so far. Now on to Ivsty Cosmetics. Again, all swatches are done with only one coat, except declared differently.'
Why is #537 turning out like a neon? In real life the bottle looks more pastel... and one layer don't do my nails any justice
Two coats of #537 is a little bit better, but still mwah... it's because I love yellows, so I will use this more for my toes
#536 is a gorgeous lime pastel green. Sadly enough it doesn't cover in one coat
Two layers of #536 is better. But you can tell I like Wynie Nailpolishes better so far

'I want to pick up some more Ivsty nailpolishes, cause now it seems that Ivsty is really bad. I think they are pretty, you need only two coats. And for the price you can't beat it. Another cool fact: Ivsty Cosmetics reminds me of the old Manhattan packages. They also smell the same. I saved a couple of my old Manhattan bottles, cause they let me go back to my childhood...'

'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me. I also apologize for painting not so neat on some pics.'

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