Thursday, July 26, 2012

Purchases ~ Yves Rocher Summer 2012

'Offcourse I had a couple of reasons to place an order at Yves Rocher again. Most blogs talked about their Limited Editions Les Plaisirs Nature in Coconut-Pineapple and Mango-Passionfruit. So I had to order some stuffies, so let's take a look what I got.'

'I was a little disappointed when the first package came in. I ordered a mini size perfume Les Plaisirs Nature Limited Edition Mango-Passionfruit and a Bath and Showergel fullsize, but the fullsize Bath and Showergel and the mini size perfume in Mango-Passionfruit seems allready to be sold out. Rarely enough I received two mini sizes perfume Les Plaisirs Nature Coconut-Pineapple, while I ordered just one mini perfume and the fullsize Bath and Showergel in Coconut-Pineapple. In the end I don't mind I have two of the mini perfumes, but it was better I got the mini Mango-Passionfruit. So a little note to Yves Rocher: Wait with put such Limited Editions online till our old skool mailing of the month arrive, cause now it slide alongside each other. Ashame, cause now the people who don't want to order online or don't have internet had not any changes to get a populair Limited Edition like this. The Bath And Showergel was around 5, and the mini perfume was 3,50.'

'In the same package I ordered two showergels by Jardins Du Monde in Pomegranate. Can't wait to use this. Catalogue price is 3, I got it for 1,50.'

'Next in the first package two Cream lipsticks. The first is a back up, that's why the wrapper is still on it. It's called Rose. I use this color so much lately. The other color is Mauve Pensee, a rich purply color. Catalogue price is 14,95, I paid 7,45 for one.'

'Because of the disappointment, I decided to place a second order, and thank god I got at least a fullsize of the Les Plaisirs Nature Limited Edition in Mango-Passionfruit. I decided not to purchase the mini Bath and Showergels, cause these are a little overpriced compared to the fullsize ones, and I'm not that desperate. Fullsize perfume was 7,95.'

'I decided to pick up another color of their Cream Lipsticks. This color is for summer, and it's called Orange Hibiscus. Again, I paid only 7,45.'

'Lastly I got a couple of free goodies along my 2nd package. Sometimes you can choose between 3 mini products to try or the present of the month. I got the free present of the month with the first package, wich I forgot to picture. It is a stackable kitchen container set, wich disappeared in my kitchen so soon as I opened that package. Anyway, I choose for my second package for the 3 mini products to try, wich is an Flowerparty Douchegel (smells so fresh and summery), a mini mascara and a eyecream. The other free item was a Eyeliner in Soleil Blue, also an Limited Edition.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile phone, so bare with me.'

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