Sunday, September 23, 2012

Purchases ~ Random Things September 2012

'Time for another small purchase. Most of these things I repurchase, because I finished them. So let's take a look in my standard purchases.'

'First thing I needed is a new shampoo. Because I am a little on a budget, I purchased this one from my local Trekpleister for less then 0,50.'

'My local Drugstore Etos had an discount on their handcreams: Buy one get one free. So I picked both of these creams up for only 1,99. I got the normal skin one, wich is my standard one, and because of my cleaning, I decided to pick also one for extra dry skin.'

'Finally, my Action stocked up on hand sanitizers, so I immediately picked a set of 3. A set of 3 bottles was only 0,85.'

'Last purchase of lipbalms from the Action was a little miss for me, so I picked two lipbalms from my Trelpleister up. These balms where only 0,79 a piece, but I bought these when there was a buy one get one free discount.'

'Lastly, I had to pick those two NYC In A Minute Nailpolishes. I got them from my Kruidvat, cause Kruidvat did an buy one get one free discount as well. I payed only 2,29 for both. I do swatches of them soon on here, so please be patient.' 

'So far my september purchases. I need to say that I emptied my hard disk, so I had to make a few new pics of these. The lipbalms I photographed earlier in their original package, but unfortunately I lost all my pics. By the time I pictured these items again, some of them I opened allready. (else it took me a lot of space)'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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