Thursday, September 20, 2012

WishLists ~ Diamond Candles

'Hopping around on Youtube is almost an daily routine for me. It was a matter of time to discover some awesome candles there, called Diamond Candles. It's such an cool concept. You see, in every candle you will find an diamond ring, worth between $10 - $5000. Jup, you read it correctly: there's a change you will find a diamond ring worth $5000. That's what their site claims. These candles aren't in my opinion cheap, they are $24,95 each. Better be worth it. Still time for a wishlist.'

'I collected my favorite looking candles from Diamond Candles, and I put the description, wich you will find also on their site, beneath every candle.'
Rosewood ~ "Long lasting roses and a woody, earthy blend of sandalwood touched with a hint of musk and patchouli make for an exotic and complicated fragrance that those with distinguished tastes will really appreciate. Who do you have special in your life that deserves something that will out last and out smell a real rose but also be a great gift to wear for years to come?"

Sweety Pea ~ "Sweety Pea is a sweet floral scent with a hint of violets, sweet peas, and berry. It is a crisp scent that will freshen a room or part of the house. Blindfolded you would guess that you were outside in a garden. Not too strong but a nice mild intensity scent."
White Chocolate ~ "Chocoholics anonymous unite. What is better than eating chocolate with (or for some of our more advanced cases), for every meal? Have your house or a particular room smell like chocolate day and night. (Please don't burn a candle while you are sleeping though, we cannot be held liable for your husband trying to eat your candles while you sleep.)"
Hawaiian Coconut ~ "Open up the smell of a fresh coconut from the Hawaiian Islands! This scent will feed your cravings for a pina colada. Pull out a straw, because you’ll have the urge to sip away the pure awesomeness."
Harvest Blend ~ "Fall spices and flavors all in one candle? Done. Oranges, apples, clove, nutmeg, cinnamon, and ginger round out this cozy and comfortable candle. You will make the pilgrims jealous of your cornucopia of fall euphoria."

Cuddle ~ "Remember warm flannel pajamas on a day off of school from a snow day? That stuffed animal that every time you smell it brings back memories that you forgot you even had? That is what Cuddle is about. An uplifting baby powder like fragrance with a warm twist that is a wonderful backdrop for any room of your house that will leave people feeling both cozy and warm."
Cinnamon Tea ~ "Mom's favorite. Like a fresh cup of cinnamon tea that heals any ailments, bad days, and bruised knees. At least that's what momma said. Give it a try and let us know what your mom would say about this Cinnamon Tea candle."
Chocolate Truffle ~ "When you think of Mother's Day gifts what is one of the first things you think of? Chocolate. Our Chocolate Truffle is a creamy, sweet blend of chocolate, not over powering or artificial, but will leave your mouth watering and wanting more."

'All pics are screenshotted from Diamond Candles, so thanks to their owner.'

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