Thursday, September 27, 2012

Reviews ~Finished Products September 2012

'Time for another Finished Products post. I used up mostly my standard things, but I have also a few wich I don't finish so easy.'

'First things I finished this month is my shampoo from my Dutch local drugstore Etos. It's the shampoo against greasy hair, and was only 1,99. For that price it works very well, my hair became very fresh after using this. I want to repurchase this, when I'm visiting my Etos again. 
The other item is a mini deodorant by Nivea, and I got it for free a while ago. My local Trekpleister was giving these away. Not sure if I want to buy a full size bottle. In my opinion this smells a little too girlie.'

'Another item I purchased a long, long time ago. It's the Yves Rocher Arnica Nail Oil. I paid 5 for this bottle, and I repurchased this all the time, for at least 6 years. Sadly enough Yves Rocher discontinued it, and I'm not happy with that.
The other thing I finished is this bottle of Etos Moisturizing Handcream. It is only 1,99, and so far the best drugstore handcreams I ever found in Holland. Defenately my favorite, and I repurchased it this month. (and got one for free).'

'Then I finished this mascara from Yves Rocher, wich I got for free along one of my purchases. This thing don't work at all for me. It smudge like crazy on me, and the brush don't give an visible changing effect. I believe this mascara is around 14,95 I believe. Sometimes you can buy this with a discount, but still, it isn't worth my money.
The other thing from Yves Rocher was also for free. It's a eyecream sample and it claims to be an roll-on eyecream. Offcourse, the roll- on thinghy was missing in this package, cause it is an sample. Not really credible, so I'm not sure if the rollerball should work. To me it is one out of the hundredth overpriced items from Yves Rocher, and I don't think about purchase it.'

'Next some finished lippies. Both items are from the Action, and the first thing is the Max Lipbalm. Action sells them in a package with two for only 0,85. I can tell you, it's crap in a tube. First, the logo rubbed of so easy, that I'm not sure what the package actually said. I know it said something like moisturizing lipbalm, but it's not. My lips dried out more when using this, and after a few applies, the scent became really nasty. No repurchase for this one. I have one left at this point, and I'm trying to get rid of it as soon as possible.
The other one is the Action Max Lipstick in Chocolate Brown. I like their formula, not their package. The package damaged so quikly, and fall apart. You can buy these lipsticks also in a package of two for 0,89.'

'Last two things. First thing I finished was my Bella Duo Cotton Pads from the Action, the one wich I always got. It's only 0,52 and works really well.
The other thing I finished this month was a bag of jellybeans from my Dutch local grocery store AH (Albert Heijn). It was only 1,49, and very delicious.'


'Pics are taken by myself at night with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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