Tuesday, October 9, 2012

WishLists ~ Nfu Oh and Models Own Nailpolish

'I was sneaking around for Nailpolishes again. This time I decided to put a list for Nfu Oh and Models Own together. So let's get into it.'

'Reason why I put these two brands together in one list is because it should be more difficult to pic unique colors, and else this blog should be boring with the amount of wishlists I should post. I start off with Nfu Oh.'
Blueberry Pie 497
Blue Lagoon 053
Custard Cream 351
Darjeeling Garden 407
Hologram Collection No 64
Number 51 051

'And here are the Models Own ones I like.'
Indian Ocean
Lemon Meringue
Purple Blue
Purple Grey
Slate Green

'Pics are screenshotted from Nfu Oh and Models Own, so thanks to the owners.'

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