Tuesday, October 23, 2012

WishLists ~ Living Dead Dolls

'I have truly no idea how I met the Living Dead Dolls. The Living Dead Dolls are dolls for adult (doll) collectors. They are almost a must have for gothic/ dark/ vampire persons. I think these are unique. I'm such kind of person who likes gothic, dark and unique stuffies.'

'Unfortunately, Living Dead Dolls are kind of expensive. You need to think from $25 and up a piece, or over $100 for a set. Therefore, most of the dolls seems to be sold out or hard to find. Fingers crossed if I ever get one, cause I really like them. Here are the series wich catch my eyes the most.'
Series 19 Vampires Wave
Series 21 A Things With Wings
Series 22 Zombies
Series 24

'Pics are taken from Bigbadtoysstore.com, so thanks to the owner.'

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