Sunday, October 28, 2012

Reviews ~ Finished Products October 2012

'It's that time of the month again: Here are my Finished Products for October. So let's take a closer look, shall we?'

'First thing I finished was an Jardins Du Monde Pomegranate Showergel by Yves Rocher. Catalogue price is 3, I got it for 1,50. This showergel smells really sweet and girlie. I'm liking it, but it never should be my go to showergel from Yves Rocher.
Next up is this Superdrug Simply Pure Smoothing Face Scrub. It's around 3 at my local drugstore Trekpleister, but I got it with a little discount. It's a plus that this scrub doesn't contains any perfumes, but I noticed after a while the scent became a little funky... The scrub pieces are very little, so you don't get a good scrub treatment. After scrubbing, your skin feels soft and clean, but it's not an deep cleaning. I'm not going to repurchase this.
Next on the picture, I finished a Les Plaisirs Nature limited edition perfume in Pineapple Coconut by Yves Rocher. It was 3,50 for 20ml, and only available past summer. I love this scent, and I'm glad I purchased by accident two of those mini bottles. It smells a little more like pineapple with a slight hint of coconut. Yves Rocher sells also a Coconut scent of this line wich smells defenately heavier. 
Last thing on the pic is a Max Nails Basecoat, wich I always repurchase at the Action here in Holland. It is only 0,45 and it does the job: Protecting my nails against staining/ eroding.'

'I also finished a mini Sexy Pulp Mascara from Yves Rocher, wich came for free along my purchase from last time. It doesn't that much for my lashes like most mascara's, so I'm not purchasing the full size.
Another thing I finished was this Max Lipbalm from the Action. It came in a package of two for 0,79 I believe. I'm not going to repurchase this one, and you can read why <here>.
Lastly on the pic, a Catrice Stay On automatic eyeliner in black, wich is discontinued. I'm not sure what I paid for it, cause I purchased this a long long time ago. I like the Catrice eyeliners, so I purchased allready one of their new Precision Eyeliners. I hope that one work well too.'

'Then a picture with a bunch of free Yves Rocher Samples wich came in a montly mailing from them. First item was an face serum, wich smells really nice. I think I'm not purchase a full size, cause the site claims that this serum isn't really for my age.
The other samples are their new So Elixir Purple, wich I so don't like. In the beginning when I put these on, I thought "Oh that doesn't smell that bad." But later on I went nauseous from it. The scent stayed on for so long in my room, and it wasn't even a spray. It gave me headaches, and I was glad when the smell disappeared.
Last finished thing, are my monthly Duo Cotton Pads from the Action. These do the job for only 0,52.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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