Friday, October 12, 2012

Purchases ~ 1001 Voordeelshop : Egloo, Wynie, etc.

'Time for another 1001 Voordeelshop Purchase. I did a few purchases with all eyes on Fall, so here we go with this post. I wanted to post this purchase earlier, but my computer needed to be replaced. I had to upload all my edit programs again. Therefore, I formatted my hard disk, so I started over with an picture and video archive. Because my photo editor isn't there where I want it yet, I used temporary one online, so bare with me.'

'I was very surprised by this Eyeshadow palette from a brand called Egloo. There's no other information on the back of this palette, so I can't tell you a lot, except that it was only €1,99, and palette no. 5.'

The package claims 5+2 eyeshadow. I think these last two matte colors you can also use as a blush.
Quik Fall- ish look with the light green in my inner corner and the olive green in my outer V

'Offcourse I had to pick up some more Wynie Single Eyeshadows. I am very pleased with these shadows. This time I picked colors 73 a yellow one and 75 a orange one. They are €1,99 a piece, more then worth.'

Only one sweep, without bases. Look with the the orange I did allready in my first fall look

'Next, I could not leave it, two creme finish nailpolishes. I had to pick up this mauve pink color and this grey one. Swatches on my natural nail of these coming up soon. As always, nailpolishes at the 1001 Voordeelshop are only €1,50 a piece.'

'And here's the point where I used my temporary photo editer, so bare with me. (my actual programm suffers from an error right now, so I used one from the internet) A few days after I picked up those eyeshadows and nailpolishes from above, I decided to pick up those two glitterpolishes by Wynie as well. I was a little curious about how this should come out, so I made quik swatches on some fake nails. Again, these are 
€1,50 a piece.
One layer of those glitterpolishes
Two layers

'So far this 1001 Voordeelshop purchase. Again, I planned to post this earlier, but because of computer issues I failed in it. Hopefully you enjoyed this post, and was this a little helpful for you.'

'All pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me. I also used not the photo editer I normally use, so I used an temporary photo editor from the internet.'

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