Sunday, April 7, 2013

Random Messages ~ We're moved... finally! ^_^

'Okay, I need to apologize. Because I was allmost away for one whole month... one whole month, oh my paws... I even skipped my Finished Products of March. But no worries, I plan to do a Finished Products for March and April in one post.'

'Reason for my abscence was our move, which costs us almost two weeks.... Maybe you read something on GlitterKitty's ShoppingHunt about our new home, which we painted, plastered and carpeted first. And now we're finally live in the house. Yay!'
Please don't look at the messy hair ^_^ I was painting... and no, not my nails, the walls :P

'Okay kitties, I want to keep this short. Because I want to post the more serious things. ^_^ And I have to shop a lot, for example the new Catrice Ultimate Laquers. I finally saw them here. Double yay! I'm not sure to buy them all, just a few I really like, cause I can swim in Catrice polishes, which I felt when I carried the box with them to the new house.' ^_^
And Gizmo enjoy his new home too! ^_^

'I'm back to my ShoppingHuntzzz.!'

Loads of paws,
^_^ GlitterKitty ^_^

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