Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reviews ~ Finished Products March/ April 2013

'Time for my finished products on this day of Throne Change here in Holland. Queen Beatrix is retired, and her son Willem Alexander will take the scepter together with his wife Maxima. So, typing this today, and then we'll see what I'm doing. Maybe I go to town, grabbing some things, if the stores are open, you never know. ^_^ Anyway.
Like you maybe noticed, I didn't had time to post my Finished Products of March, cause I was moving that month. It's time to squeeze March and April together, so here are a few items I finished during those two months.'

'I finished two tubes from Yves Rocher.  First one is a Pomegranate Mask, which I got for free. The other one was a footscrub. I paid for the footscrub €2,95, catalogue price is around 5. The mask made my skin itch a bit, so I'm not going to purchase it myself. The footscrub is okay. Only thing, it's way too easily gone. So if you have heavy callous on your feet, this might not work.'

'Then a few lippies. First we have a Yves Rocher Cream Lipstick in Rose, a limited edition. I backed up on this one, cause it is a perfect nude lipstick to me. Catalogue price was €14,95, but I paid 7,95, still a bit pricey for Yves Rocher, but I like their cream lipsticks.
The other lipstick is an old color by Catrice. Back in the day Catrice called their lipsticks Absolute Moisture, and I finished Noisette Coctail this month. I'm not sure what I paid for this, but it shouldn't be more then €3.
Last lippie is an Inecto Coconut Lipbalm, which I grabbed at the Action for €0,98. It was okay, but not for the wintertime, cause the consistency might be a little thin.'

'I also finished a few eye products. The first one is this Scandal Eyes Mascara in the pink tube. I got this for free on Facebook, but I don't like it at all. You easily touch your eyes with the little pellet on top of the brush, so I don't see the point of that thinghy. Normally this will cost around €10-15, but I think it isn't worth it. Therefore, the package will fade during using it. For a expensive mascara, at least you may expect that the package will keep intact, right? I did a actual post about the mascara <here>.
The other thing came out of a set by Catrice. It's an mini eyepencil, and it came from the Big City Life Limited Edition Palettes. I did a post about it <here>.'

'Lastly I finished two samples by Nivea. I liked these shampoo and conditioner in their Hydro Care line. I also finished two files. The first one I won in a giveaway, and the zebra one came in a set of 5 at the Action for €0,49, see <here>. The zebra ones work okay, but they don't last that long.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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