Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Random Messages ~ Unexcepted Family Expansion : Meet Lillith (Lilly)

'Yesterday we had an unexpected visitor. Well, not totally unexpected. This little missy walked into our house for the second time this week. My fiance brought her back to the owner, our neighbor from the other side. While he did that, she asked my fiance: "He can take a bath, right?" Well, my fiance bites his fist not to use it, cause this little fluffly missy walked allready for whole days all alone outside without food or water.' 

'Yesterday was a turning point for us, when the little one walked to our home again by her own will. We decided to keep her, cause we could never get through our neighbor. She probably never understands that she's doing it all wrong, cause she don't speak our language. She don't even speak English. We heard her using a stick which she banged on the ground, to get the kitty inside. Then the issue that the little one didn't wash her by herself, that's why our neighbor probably asked about bathing the little kitty cat. Then the fact that she called her Tommy, so she probably didn't know she had to deal with a female kitty, not a male. But the most sad thing is, we suspect our neighbor for let this missy suffer by trouncing her. Don't ask me if she using that darn stick, but it could be. I don't claim that she did use it, but still. She banged on the floor with it, which made her afraid.'
My sleepy fiance and Lillith sleeping on his shoulder
One of the first pics of Lillith

'We think she's around two months old, and we also think she's a cross between a Norwegian Forest Cat and a Maine Coon. As I said, we're going to keep her, since she isn't even chipped. And it seems madam did choose us as a mommy and daddy. We changed her name to Lillith, but we call her Lilly. And also great news, Gizmo has a new buddy. He totally don't mind she's around the house as well. Aah, one happy family.'

Our Gizmo, almost five years old, and five years with us

^_^ GlitterKitty ^_^

'First two pictures are taken by my friend with her Sony Cybershot. The other pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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