Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reviews ~ Finished Products June 2013

'This month also fly by like crazy. I did finish a few products, but it is still an small amount. Let's dive into this.'

'First thing I finished was a Herbal Shampoo by Dutch Drugstore Trekpleister. I bought it once in a 3 for 2 Discount, a long while ago. I liked this shampoo, it makes your hair fresh and clean.
The other item I finished was this mini showercream by Dove. I won it at a bingo with friends once, but I spotted this for 0,49 at the Dutch Action. Scent is Apricot, very nice for the summer.'

'Then I used up this Superdrug Vitamine E All Over Body Butter, (Trekpleister) which is the 250ml variant. It was 2,29, but I got it with an buy one, get the second free, so I got it for free as long as I can remember. This bodybutter is perfect for the winter, and in the summer it's perfect for your feet.
I also used up a sample size Elmex toothpaste, which was sended to me. If you have sensitive roots, you know always pain there, it should work, but the thing what annoyed me, was the fact it didn't remove all the plaque in one application. So I think for very sensitive teeth, it's better to use the Sensodyne tootpastes, cause that paste will at least remove all the plaque in one application.
Lastly a Max Nails Nailfile. It came in a pack of five, and it was 0,49 at the Action. These files might work, but after 3 time use, the file allready died. But what do you expect for the price?'

'And here we have it, my finished products for June. Hope it helped you out, and I miew to ya later.'

'Pics are taken by myself with my Sony Ericsson Xperia Mobile Phone, so bare with me.'

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