Friday, June 28, 2013

WishLists ~ Funny Indie Nailpolish Names By Dolly Polish

'I think almost every Nail Artist and/ or Indiepolish Lover know her allready: Dolly Polish. She's also known as Youtuber Dollface22772, and she created her own Indie Polishes. She's also a star in made up original nailpolish names. It make me want to buy them.' ^_^ 

'Full bottles are 15ml and should be $10, Mini bottles are 9ml and will cost $5. Very reasonable prices for unique polishes. Here are the colors with the most crazy and funniest names... I had to put them on this list. Enjoy!'
A Unicorn Farted In My Polish
It's So Fluffly I'm Gonna Die!
Have Fun Storming The Castle

'Pics are taken from Dolly Polish, logo screenshotted from her site, so thanks to their owner!'

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